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When was it that you met an Italian mom that did not brag about her kids? Precisely. Here is the next generation, or two....

When my son Mike was 16, it became clear that he was going to be a large specimen. He is quite a bit taller now.

My son Stephen in his running days in High School. Since then he has climbed Kilimanjaro, but I have it from a reliable source (Him) that he was not running. He did a lot of running in Australia and Asia (not chased by wildlife, so he tells me)

My daughter Mira representing her college. She is now a working mom. Wait a minute, which mother is not working?

And this is my older daughter Gabriella. We had just finished getting a facial in New York, her gift to her mom for her birthday.

Mike met Laura the first day of college.

And this is Mira's daughter Isabella, all dressed up for Grandma's Commencement, June 10 2004 She was born on December 14 2003

More pictures of Isabella

Of course, Mad Skier Grandpa Paul insisted on taking Isabella skiing. I have plans to take the damsel to Italy and Hawai'i.....

Isabella has done a lot of growing lately

Here we plant Impatients (which should be her own flower) in the front of our new house. Notice I am not amending my hair color anymore.

And then they get married. Gabriella and Mike Irwin, May 20 2007

MIra Clark and Rob Alderman with Isabella Clark-Alderman. August 4 2007

Actually, Isabella and ring bearer Liam stole the show

As I said...

Stephen and Judith Clark, July 19, 2008. Best man Michael looks on

Mira, Isabella and Bridger, September 15 2008

Bridger and Isabella visit often

And on April 5 2011 Juliet and Arianna arrived, Steve and Judith's little girls