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That is a loaded question. Without getting into philosophical quagmires, I am a researcher in Anthropology, a human rights activist, I have been a research coordinator at Cultural Survival, I am a member of the Italian League of Human Rights, an artist and teacher, a poet and writer, a photographer and, last but not least, a mom and wife. In other words, just an average woman. I love painting, knitting little things for my granddaughter, cooking ancient Roman foods, herb gardening, folk dancing and walking around archaeological sites or active volcanoes. I had been a stay-at-home-mom for many years before I went back to college, earning so far a Master degree in Anthropology. Did you notice the "so far"?...I love spending time with my grown children, when their busy schedules permit, and with my granchildren. I grew up in Italy and I have based most of my research there. I have been visiting Hawai'i lately and I have worked on a line of research on human rights issues concerning native Hawaiians. But, being Hawai'i, it's impossible not to sketch and write poetry...and do a step ot two of Hula....

Let's procede to my Curriculum Vitae, which is a little long, but then I have been busy for this many years.

(Full legal name: Lucia Dentice-Clark)

38 Adams Rd Boxford, MA 01921
Phone  978-679-5040
Cell      781-883-1946

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2004                            Harvard University: Master of Liberal Arts in Extension Studies, Social Anthropology

1999 to 2004               Harvard University:

Special Student status during year 1999-2000, and Spring 2003

1996 to 2004               Harvard University Extension School, Harvard College and Summer School:

Graduate courses in Anthropology, Sociology, International Management, Linguistics, Computer Technologies and Human Resources              

1982-92                       University of Lowell and De Cordova Museum

                                    Art lessons in various media

1977-96                       Long sabbatical to raise my family.

1976-77                       Wesleyan University

                                    Graduate courses in Anthropology

1974-76                       Southern Connecticut University

                                    Batchelor of Arts in Art History and Anthropology

1965-66                       Accademia di Leonardo Da Vinci, Rome, Italy

                                    Painting and Art History
1962-65                       Universita’ di Roma

                                    Architecture and Art History

1959-62                       Liceo Classico Dante Alighieri, Latina, Italy

                                    Baccalaureate in Classical Studies


LANGUAGES: Italian, French, Latin, Classical Greek, some proficiency in Spanish



2008-present    Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts, Historian and Newsletter Editor


2004-2008       Cultural Education<>Cultural Sustainability, University of Jerusalem, Affiliate

2002- 2008   Federation Internationale des Ligues des Droits de l'Homme, Lega Italiana:  Commissione Culturale


2001-2004       Cultural Survival:                    Research Coordinator

2000-2001       Cultural Survival:                    Research Intern


2008-present      Initiated research on the history of the Dante Alighieri        society of Massachusetts. The result of this research is a book completed in September 2009

June 2003 to 2005    Initiated research on the native movements in Hawai’i, continued in 2004 and 2005

September 2000 to 2006:  Field research in Italy on the Roma (Gypsies) and their integration in Italian society, on the Griki and Grecanici, linguistic minorities in Southern Italy, and on the linguistic minorities in the Padania region in Northern Italy

From June 2000 to 2005:       Library, Internet and field research in Canada on the Innu of Labrador

From June1999 to present     Library, Internet and field research in Italy on Italian Ethnic Minorities on the Internet



2010-present        Various papers in La Dante, newsletter of the Dante Alighieri Society


2009                The Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts: One Hundred Years in the Defense of                                     Italian Language and Culture   Book on the history of the Society. In English and Italian

                        Quinn Press, University of Massachusetts.

2009                The Promise Poem winner of 1st prize in a poetry contest sponsored by the newspaper   The Village Reporter and the Boxford Cultural Council

2009                Here Poem published in The Village Reporter

2008                Cyberspace and Ethnic Identities: the Creation of Virtual Communities.

                        The Case of Italy

                        paper derived from Master Thesis included in "Cultural Education<>Cultural Sustainability. Identity, Tolerance and Multicultural Issues in Minority/Diaspora and Indigenous Education”
Zvi Bekerman, Editor, Routledge, Taylor and Francis Group Publisher

                        a volume on defense of ethnic identities sponsored by the University of Jerusalem .

2006                Dietro l’Immagine nella Finestra Poem winner of 2nd prize of an art and literature contest sponsored by the Accademia Litteraria Italo-Australiana Scrittori, Melbourne, Australia, published in the ALIAS Antologia 2006.

                        Monarchie e Missionari, i Marines e la Democrazia  paper on history of Hawai’i, publicated in Italian magazine Il Cerchio.

                        NATO Interests versus “Invisible” People: Low flying Maneuvers over Innu Lands in Labrador   Paper presented at the XXVII Convegno Internazionale di Americanistica

In Perugia, Italy, May 2005, published in conference proceedings volume.

2003                The Roma in Italy   paper on the issues regarding the Roma children in the Italian school system. BHUMI Magazine, Harvard University, October 2003

2000                The Dancer  Poem included in the Dudley Review, edited by the Graduate School of Arts and Science, Harvard University

2000                                Il Grido di Aiuto degli Innu del Labrador  Paper on the substance abuse among the Innu of Labrador published in Italian magazine Parlamento December 2001, 

  at the request of Onorevole Pasquale Bandiera, President of the Lega Italiana      dei Diritti dell’Uomo. An English version was submitted to the                               United Nations

2001    On the Brink: Griko: a Language of Resistance and Celebration. Paper on a minority language in Southern Italy in Cultural Survival, Summer 2001

Per Le Minoranze Etniche l’incolumita` e` un lusso  Article published in Il Resto, September 28 2001, Italy

Innu Children Face a Hard Future. Paper on the hardships of solvent abuse among the Innu of Labrador. Cultural Survival, Summer 2001 issue.

My home town is a URL in Cyberspace. Paper on the phenomenon of ethnicity in the Internet.. Cultural Survival Winter 2001 issue

2000     When Outrage is a Scarce Commodity  Paper on the struggle for survival of the Innu of Labrador. Cultural Survival :Fall 2000 issue





2010-present                Dante Alighieri Society, Chairperson of publication committee and co-editor of    La Dante

2009-present                Dante Alighieri society, Historian

2008-present                Dante Alighieri society, board member

2005-2010                   Italian Heritage Month, committee member

2006-present                Massachusetts Cultural Arts Council, Boxford chapter, Grant coordinator and                                               co-chairperson



SPECIAL PROJECTS and speaking engagement


2010                            The Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts: Lecture at the Burlington                                          chapter of the Sons of Italy


2009                            The Dante Alighieri Society of Massachusetts: Presentation of the book at the                                             headquarters of the Society in Cambridge, Massachusetts

                                    Lecture repeated at Salem College on April 21 2010

June 2009                    Spokesperson of the Dante Alighieri Society at the Conference of Italo-                                                         American societies in New York, at the                                                                                                            request of the Secretary General Alessandro Masi


2009                            Simultaneous translator at various events at the Dante Alighieri Society         


2007                            women Healers or Witches? The perception of Women Healers in Italy                                       through the ages. With Augusto Ferraiuolo. Lecture given at the Dante                                                         Alighieri Society, Cambridge, MA

2006 and 2007            Cena Romana an authentic ancient Roman banquet in occasion of October Italian Heritage Month with the cooperation of the Dante Alighieri Society and October Italian Heritage Month committee


2006                            Ethnic Identities in Cyberspace: Italy, Ethnicity, the European Union and             the Internet. The URL as Villaggio Virtuale. Lecture given at the Dante            Alighieri Society, Cambridge, MA. A copy of thesis presented to the society.


2005                            Citizens School           Project: Directing a group of Middle School students in         producing a mural at Robinson Middle School, Lowell, MA


2005 and 2006                        An Evening of Italian Culture. Readings of local Italian American poets and of             Italian dialectical poets, translated in English and Italian. At the Caffe` Paradiso,       Lowell, MA.


2005    NATO Interests versus “Invisible” People:  Low Flying Maneuvers over    Innu Lands in Labrador. Paper given at the Convegno Internazionale di  Americanistica, in Perugia, Italy, May 6-19

2005     Children for Sale: Traffic of Minors in Italy. Paper presented in June 2005 at   the  International Conference on Social Sciences in Honolulu, Hawai’i


2004   The Roman origins of Carnevale: Lecture given at the Sons of Italy             Association, Burlington, MA


2004   Heroes and Villains, Archetypes and Icons in the Perception of History and

          Demeter the Mater Dolorosa and her Daughter the Son of God: both papers   presented in June 2004 at the International Conference on Social Sciences in  Honolulu, Hawai’i. 


2004                            Identita` Etniche nell’Internet. Lecture given at the Istituto Regionale          Superiore di studi Elleno-Calabri, Bova Marina, October 16 2004, in Italian

2004                            Two Artists in Italy. Lecture and artwork show on being an artist and           anthropologist in Italy. With Antony Riccardi. Given at the Munroe Center for             the Arts, Lexington, May 29 2004

2002                            Il Ruolo dell'Internet nella Celebrazione delle Identita` Regionali: il          Villaggio Virtuale. Paper presented at the Associazione Linguistica Padana         (ALP) "Il futuro degli idiomi padani e il ruolo della nostra Associazione” in     Viapro (Milan), Italy, October 13 2002, in Italian.

2002                            Church Politics in Counter-Reformation Italy: The Dominican, the Butcher   Knife, and the Santa Inquisizione. Paper presented at the Association of   American Teachers of Italian conference in Toronto, Canada November 6-10          2002

2002    Carnevale: Guest Lecturer at Wellesley College Department of Foreign         Languages, January 2002.

2001     Who are we? We are Different, and The Modern Family in a linguistic      Minority in Italy. Guest Lecturer, M.I.T. Department of Anthropology.

            Cornomannia: the Jester of the Sacristy Lecture on a ceremony in Medieval        Rome given in Treviso and Venice, Italy, for the annual Conference of the           Association of American Teachers of Italian Language

2000          The Roman origins of Carnevale: lecture given at the annual Conference of  American Teachers of Italian, Boston, MA

            “I Dialetti Italiani” Lecture on the origin of some Italian dialects given at the   Centro Letterario Italiano, Boston MA. In Italian.

1999     “From the past to the Millennium: Food as Natural Medicine in Italy” A     treatise on current Italian foods used as medicines in ancient Rome.  And

                History of Carnival: from the Roman  Saturnalia to Mardi Gras” An       historical survey of the history of Carnival.  Lectures given at the Massachusetts Foreign Languages Teachers Association in Sturbridge, Ma, on October 28/29

1988-2004                   Lectures on ancient art and life style in the Lexington area






1995-2006       MUNROE CENTER FOR THE ARTS: Resident Artist, 1995-2004, and faculty        member, classes in art and poetry


2003                Harvard University Extension School: Research Assistant to Prof. David  Rezvani of the Belfer Center for Science and International Affairs.

2001-2002       CULTURAL SURVIVAL ETHNOSPHERE PROJECT          Web pilot designer with a site   on the Innu/Montagnais of Labrador and Quebec

Spring 2000     F.A. Day Junior High School, Newton.  Part-time long term substitute teacher in    Italian


1996-present    CLARK STRATEGIES: Family IT firm, involved in Human Resources






While a Baccalaureate candidate

1961                            Palazzo Internazionale delle Esposizioni, Rome. Mostra Nazionale dello Studente. Participant with a painting

BSE  Poesie del Terzo Concorso Fra Studenti. One of the winners of a national poetry competition. Poem included in an Anthology published in 1962





2004        Harvard University:    Derek Bok award for public service, 2nd place; graduated with Honors


1978          Wesleyan University:   Sigma Xi Lecture-Competition, 2nd prize: Stregoneria:   Etruscan Medicine and Witchcraft in Today's Italy

1977       Wesleyan University:   Cushing award for best graduate paper in Medical      Anthropology

1974-76    University of Southern Connecticut: Dean's List; Departmental Honors;      Graduated Magna Cum Laude






2009                                                                Societa` Dante Alighieri Travel Grant


2004                                                                University of Jerusalem Travel Grant


1976-77                                                           State of Connecticut Graduate Grant;

                                                                        Wesleyan University Graduate Scholarship
1977                                                                Wesleyan University Travel and Research Grant

1977-78                                                           State of Connecticut Graduate Grant;

                                                                        Wesleyan University Graduate Scholarship






2005                            Hawai’i, the Land that Pele Built. Photography and visual art show on field research conducted in Hawai’i, Munroe Center for the Arts, Lexington, February 16-March 30


2003                            Friends in Faraway Places. Photography Show and Lecture on Field research work in Italy, Munroe Center for the Arts, Lexington, February 14- March 28


2002                            Munroe Center for the Arts, personal exhibit on the Camera as the                                                    Artist’s Tool

2001                            Munroe Center for the Arts, resident artists exhibits


1999-2000:                  Boston State House, Office of Hon. Jay Kaufmann.  Participant in group art exhibits.

1994                            “Intimate Voices”: participant in a multimedia group exhibit organized by Sally Santosuosso at the Parson Gallery, Lexington Arts and Craft Society. Participant with a sculpture and a poem


1992-96                       Lexington Arts and Crafts Society: Photographs, Painting and Sculpture exhibits.





2001                                            January: Interview with Native Solidarity News in Canada, on the Innu of                                         Labrador

                                    April:      Interview with Northwestern University radio in Chicago, on the Roma                                                       people.