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My web address is, and my home page says Lucia Clark? Well, this has to do with the confusion our society puts on women's last names. Lucia Dentice is my maiden name, Clark is my married name, and my full legal name is Lucia Dentice-Clark, which, I found out too late, is next to impossible to pronunce for many Americans. My papers are authored under Lucia Clark or Lucia Dentice-Clark. I selected Luciadentice for my web site because there is a lady called Lucia Clark who designs lingerie. We are not related.

At present, my web site is still under construction. In fact, as my work progresses, I will always be "a work in progress"...I plan to keep adding to it  my work on anthropology, human rights, ancient history and art history, and ancient Roman food. I am learning to manage this web process, but basically, my attitude toward this web thing is well illustrated in the cartoon below:

While I like to poke fun at myself, I take my work pretty seriously.

My main area of interest is in the role of the Internet in the revival of ethnic identities, and the creation of virtual communities on the Internet defined by their languages. My major work is on Italy, but I do research in Canada and Hawaii.

I am, also, an artist and cartoonist, and, like most anthropologists, a photographer. I will post my artwork and my photos.

In the meantime you can reach me at

or at